We boost your site with powerful
Wedding Photography Niche links

We have over 50 High PR/ Aged Sites and 300+ Aged Web 2.0 sites  which are all closely related to wedding photography. Our Wedding photography sites range in PR from 1 all the way to PR 8. If you are a Wedding Photographer who wants to increase your website’s ranking, then these are the best backlinks for your site. 

Relevance and PR these are the 2 most important factors that make a strong and powerful backlink . If your inbound backlinks are relevant and coming from High PR Pages, your site will rank.

Relevant backlinks carry more weight in the search engines. These are the most powerful links that you can get. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing give more reward from relevant sites more than they trust links from broad ranging sites.

Not only that..
We mix Diverse Link Types to make your links appear natural.

Aside from the Relevant Niche Links that we will create for your wedding photography site, we will also mix it with other types of "diverse links" such as social bookmarks, Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, Google +, profile links, blog comments, among others in order to strike a natural mix of links that is suited for your site. 

This is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service being offered to Wedding Photography site owners that guarantees you increase in website’s rankings.  In this service, we will bill you for every increase in rank that your website gain for the keyword or keywords we are working on. 

It’s risk-free.  No Increase in Rank, No Pay.

It is the most effective SEO investment you can make.  You pay for results.  There is no better deal than that. You are relieved of the effort of analyzing your sites’ SEO friendliness or the hassle of monitoring the day to day movement of your site’s rank in Google. 

You should know, Google kept changing its algorithms and each SEO strategy has an element of gamble in it.  If you are new to SEO, the stakes are high that you will commit mistakes in your SEO campaign.  And this error can be very costly.  If you will subscribe to our Guaranteed Rank SEO Service, you eliminate the possibility of paying for ineffective SEO service.   The cost of this service may initially appear expensive to you but if you think deeper — How much cost are you going to charge yourself for the time and effort in analyzing the best SEO strategy to take for your site, the time and effort of monitoring your SEO campaign and the potential cost of a wrong campaign?  Isn’t it, that your time is better spent on managing the operations of your wedding photography business where you are good at? 

This Wedding Photography Guaranteed Rank SEO Service

is one sure-fire deal you can ever get.

Before we will start the project, we have to agree on the keyword and URL you want to push up and the search engine page rank of the keyword and url at point of enrollment in this program. This will be the basis for evaluating the progress of our work. We have to agree that your keyword, for example, is at No. 60 in Google at the beginning of the project.

For every upward movement in rank, we bill you. The price for each rank improvement depends on the degree of competition of your particular Keyword. But we have to agree on this beforehand. Rate per rank improvement is on case-to-case basis. Some keywords can be expensive while some are cheap. 

Because we get results! And you do not pay us anything until you get an improvement in your site’s ranking. With others, you will have to pay before you get the results and you cannot get your money back if no results are produced. 

  1. You are guaranteed an increase in rank within 30-60 days from start of campaign, assuming there are no significant change in Google algorithm that rocks the SEO world.
  2. We will only do white-hat SEO strategies that are safe for your site. We will not do any highly automated link building campaign like Xrumer or any automated links that blasts hundreds of links in a single minute. We will only do manual linkbuilding. We will use a combination of your chosen keywords and natural keywords to mimic natural link building.
  3. We are not going to send you any report of our SEO campaign. We will do our very best to reach our goal of Page 1 or Rank 1. In the process, we will use different types of SEO strategies we think that will ensure our success. Report generation is a very tedious job and besides, our SEO strategy is our trade secret.
  4. When there are significant movements in your rank, we will send you a status report.


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