We will use your chosen Keyword Phrase(s) plus a lot of natural-looking links such as:

Your Website URL
Brand Name Keywords
Variations of your chosen Keyword Phrases
Click Here
Visit this site
Read more

We will use all strategies to make the backlinking look as natural as possible such as using diverse anchor texts, diverse link types, and drip feeding the links slowly rather than blasting all the links at once.

In the wedding photography niche the Keyword Phrases with the highest searches are the following:

[City] + wedding photographer
[City] + wedding photographers
[City] + wedding photography
Wedding photographer + [City]
Wedding photographers + [City]
Wedding photography + [City]

You can also nominate you own keywords but the keyword phrases listed above are the most searched keywords. Therefore, it is best that you target your SEO campaign on these keywords for higher return.

For this program, you can give us a maximum of 3 PRIMARY KEYWORDS + 5 SECONDARY KEYWORDS. The primary keywords are the keywords with which we will concentrate our linkbuilding efforts on. The secondary keywords are just for diversity purposes. Please note that our billing is by keyword. Giving us 3 primary keywords is like giving us 3 projects. However, should your secondary keywords also ranks high in Google, then the cost per rank movement of the secondary keywords will be 25% off the cost of the primary keywords’ rank movement. In our campaign for your site, we will also mix it with several natural keywords such as “click here”, “read more”, “visit this site”, among others to make the links appear natural.

NO. You cannot change the keywords and URLs anymore especially when the articles are being ordered already. Make sure that the keywords you gave us are FINAL. Should you insist on changing the keywords, then we will charge you for the cost of the existing jobs done.

Sorry, we cannot send you any report of our SEO campaign. We will do our very best to reach our goal of Page 1 or Rank 1 but we cannot reveal the SEO strategies we used for your site. Our SEO strategy – the link mix, proportions, velocity and timing is our trade secret. Our goal is to ensure that you will continue to subscribe with us. You are assured that we will only do white-hat strategies that is safe for your site and will ensure upward movement in rank. Instead, we will send you a Rank Status report at least once a month or whenever there is a significant movement in your rank.

There are cases that increases in rank can be visible after 2 to 3 weeks of campaign. However, the most realistic measure to judge the effectivity of the campaign is 30-60 days. Links are dripped slowly over a month. So the results of the initial campaign starts showing only after 1 month.


If you have other questions or concerns not discussed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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