How it Works

First, you have to fill-up religiously the Guaranteed Rank Inquiry form found below.  The information you will submit will serve as our basis for accepting your site or not for the guaranteed rank seo service considering the budget you are willing to pay and the competitiveness of your keyword.  Filling-up the form also minimizes the exchanges of emails to clarify issues.  We are not your SEO consultant and we would like to apologize if we will not answer questions from those who are just out to seek opinions for free.  SEO analysis is very time-consuming and we would want to devote our time to serious buyers of our service.  

Based on the information that you submitted to us, we will then analyze the keywords and urls you want to push up. We take a look at the strength of your competitors and also how strong your site is. We, then create a customized SEO package for your site to get to Page 1 of Google.  We send you the quote for the first wave of our SEO campaign.  The goal is to get to Page 1.  If we agree, we will then proceed to work.  The package we will execute is the best link package we can think of that is specifically suited for your website considering the link profiles of your site and the kind of  backlinks you have done in the past. We aim to produce a Balanced Link Strategy which looks natural in the eyes of Google.  Increase in rank as a result of the first wave SEO campaign can be visible within 30 to 60 days from start of execution. The period when you will get to Page 1 of Google varies on the type of keyword we are working on for your site. 

Once you sign up for a Guaranteed Rank SEO service with us, we ask you to refrain from doing any other SEO campaign without our knowledge.   We are monitoring the link diversity and density ratios of your site to maintain “naturalness”.  There are swings in your rank, they call Google dance, and we must be in full control of the execution of the SEO strategy to make the necessary adjustments.  We don’t want to over-optimize certain keywords and run the risk of penalty. 

In our Guaranteed Ranking Packages, you do not need to pay upfront. We bill you only after there is an improvement in the ranking until you reach the first page.  For example, if at the beginning of the project, the keyword you want to push up is found at Rank 150 in Google. Then, we agree on a $10.00 per rank increase. So, if we get you to Page 1 of Google at Rank 10, then you will have to pay us $10 x 140 jumps in rank = $1,400.00. It can be expensive because you are located so far away from the Page 1 of Google. But, at least, with this Guaranteed Rank package, you get to eliminate possible wastage in SEO payments for strategies that won’t work. This package is performance based. You pay only when the rank of your site increased. 

However, when your site gets to First Page of Google, we will talk again. We will agree on another package for you. To get the No. 1 spot in Google search results is very difficult. It could be 5x or 10x more difficult than when you move from nowhere to Rank 11 or Page 2. Besides, the existing occupants of the No. 1, 2 and 3 spots are also doing their own SEO campaign to maintain their rank. You need a bigger budget to outsmart their SEO strategy and dislodge them from their current position. 

Further, Guaranteed Rank SEO Service does not guarantee you that you remain in that spot for a long period of time. Google changes their algorithm from time to time. Your competitors also may intensify their SEO campaign. It is recommended that once you reach a certain position, a monthly SEO plan should be put in place for maintenance. However, the budget for this is relatively small compared to what you spend for in getting to Page 1 from nowhere. 

Google constantly changes its algorithm and if there’s a significant change in your rank status, we will inform you should there be a need to change the SEO plan.

Move on to the First Page of Google Risk-Free.
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